Rosalie Sammut, of Konkrit (formerly known as Crafty Affair by Rosa), believes that everything is possible with a pair of hands and a little bit of imagination. Her venture started in 2020 when she re-decorated her living room and wanted mustard and grey plant pots as an accent colour to match her furniture. When she could not find any that she really liked, she decided to make her own.

At first it was plant pots, tealight candle holders, and jewellery trays. She then wanted to do more and better. Knowing about the cons of concrete, she worked hard to overcome the issue of expanding and cracking when exposed to heat, which is an issue especially in warm climates like that of Malta. After a lot of tests and modifications, she came up with a formula that overcame the obstacles and used it to produce a big candle holder, which she filled in with candle wax and lit up. It remained intact after various refills, resulting in her first reusable and refillable candle holder.

She now creates handmade home decor and more, made from premium, reinforced, sustainable, waterproof, and weatherproof concrete. Her collections nowadays not only include plant pots and tealight candle holders, but a whole selection of contemporary and personalised home decor and souvenirs that also comprises clocks, table lamps, candle holders, jewellery trays, figurines, incense stick holders, and much more.

+356 7942 6459