In line with its mission to promote the crafts sector in the Maltese Islands, thereby contributing to the revival, preservation, and long-term sustainability of Maltese artisan skills, the Malta Crafts Foundation embarks on a wide range of initiatives aimed at assisting artisans.

Further complemented by the support measures provided by other entities such as Malta Enterprise, such assistance is revised from time to time in order to ensure its relevance within the ongoing contexts, and among others includes:


Premju Ġieħ l-Artiġjanat Malti

On a yearly basis, the Malta Crafts Foundation organises the Premju Ġieħ l-Artiġjanat Malti to award products that raise the profile of Maltese design, innovation, and manufacturing; project proposals that encourage innovation and collaboration; and recognition for various efforts in the sector. In order to provide a further incentive, the awards are also accompanied by cash prizes. Applications are usually open during the last weeks of November.


Training for Artisans

In order to help more artisans develop the skills to sell their craft products and keep up with the changing times, the Malta Crafts Foundation is constantly developing and organising training courses for artisans that are held regularly throughout the year.


Promoting the craft sector online

The Malta Crafts Foundation is also exploring new ways to promote artisans who sell online, including through the use of its own digital platforms such as its website, social media channels, and a newsletter that will be launched in due course. Such initiatives will enable artisans to easily promote their activities and inform about news, and opportunities to a wider audience who is engaged in the crafts sector.


Cloudigo App

As part of its constant efforts to assist artisans in promoting and selling their products, the Malta Crafts Foundation has entered into a collaboration agreement with one of Malta’s leading online platforms that connect merchants to users, Cloudigo. As part of this agreement, a special category for ‘Maltese Artisans’ has been created on the online platform as well as the Cloudigo app to showcase local artisans and help them sell their products by offering discounts to the app’s users.