Gabriella Lukacs is a Hungarian-born fashion designer who is focusing on ethical fashion and sustainability. Her brand Gabe, which she founded in 2009 while in Budapest, is a slow fashion pioneer brand that puts quality in the face of quantity despite of the strong dominance of the fast fashion industry.

Gabriella had a successful career in the film industry working with A-list actors and directors. Starting as assistant producer and later working as casting director, throughout her career in the film industry she had the chance to assist many movies and commercials and to get inspired by the artistic moods of the film sets. Thanks to this experience she is always inspired to combine and infuse new ideas and different crafts into her works. She likes unusual structures, materials, and designs, and she loves to collaborate with other artists too.

After her relocation to Malta in 2016 she started to produce a new line of accessories and continued to make handbags using discarded leather and offcuts sourced from local companies.

With sustainability in mind, she uses high quality, durable offcuts discarded by major fashion houses and other companies, upcycling them into uniquely designed quality products that her customers can enjoy, whilst also helping towards the reduction of waste at the same time.


  • Winner, Category 1 – Artisanal Products (Sub-Category A: Textiles), Premju Ġieħ l-Artiġjanat Malti 2021
  • Winner, Category 2 – Inspiring Artisanship and Innovation through Collaboration), Premju Ġieħ l-Artiġjanat Malti 2021
  • Winner, Negroni 100 Art Competition (2018)

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