Carmen Vella Gauci is a mature young lady who uses her life experiences to transmit them into her paintings, every brush stroke or colour she uses are a reflection of what she feels or what she wants to convey to the viewer. She finds that life is challenging in many ways so through her art she tries to convey beauty, colours, warmth, serenity; she wishes that her viewers stand in front of her art and feel her energy.

Attracted to art since her childhood and having been drawing since a very young age, Carmen can’t imagine her life without art; it is an integral part of who she is, it’s a necessity like the air she breathes. She considers herself to be an art fanatic, able to draw anything that comes her way so long as her fingers are working – she uses anything that tickles or challenges her imagination and doesn’t stop until she’s satisfied with the finished piece of artwork.


  • Studied under Anton Calleja, Alfred Briffa and Winston Hassell.


  • 3rd place, New Dawn Art Competition, “Malta Together” (2020)

84, Fleur, Triq Mons A. Buhagiar, Rabat

+356 7927 0980