The Awards ceremony for Premju Ġieħ l-Artiġjanat Malti 2022 was held at the Upper Barrakka Gardens on July 6th, 2023, recognizing excellence in craftsmanship, innovative product ideas, and key contributions to the sector.

The winners and runners-up for this edition are:

Category 1 – Artisanal Products

Sub-Category A – Textiles:
Winner: Rebecca Grech – The Maltese Man’s Shoe
Runner-up: David Debono and Rodney Debono – Il-Ħorġa 23

Sub-Category B – Food and Beverage:
Winner: Elaine Micallef – Back to Earth Monthly Herb Kit
Runner-up: Michael Angelo Muscat – Mead

Sub-Category C – Glass Works and Ceramics:
Winner: Raymond Aquilina – Memories of the Azure Window
Runner-up: Katrin Formosa – Eclectic Fusion

Sub-Category D – Precious Metals and Jewellery:
Winner: Mark Borg – Simple Harmonic Wave
Runner-up: Nadège Renée Cassar – Xwejni: Il-Ġojjellerija tal-Melħ

Sub-Category E – Modelling, Painting and Sculpting
Winner: Emmanuel Sammut – Bespoke Whiskey Table
Runner-up: Charles Zammit – Moving Drape

Sub-Category F – Non-Precious Materials:
Winner: Iain Giordmaina – Maltese Prickly Pear Cactus Wall Clock
Runner-up: David Azzopardi – Ħasira

Category 2 – Inspiring Artisanship and Innovation through Collaboration
1st Place: Charlene Joan Sant and Antoine Vella – Weaving the Unwoven
2nd Place: Alda Bugeja, Josline Camilleri, and Maurice Sultana – Reawakening a Handwoven Heritage
3rd Place: Esther Judith Schembri, Kevin Attard, and Emmanuel Sammut – Is-Sapuna Domestika

Category 3 – Recognitions

Volunteer of the Year
Rebecca Pace Bajona

Student Maker of the Year
Sephora Schembri

Trainer of the Year
Jacqueline Fava

Award for Emerging Makers: (sponsored by Malta Enterprise)
Christian Bezzina

Award for Endangered Crafts
Kevin Attard

Maker of the Year Award
Maria Comerford

Lifetime Achievement Award
George Farrugia

People’s Choice Award

Sub-Category: Textiles
David Debono and Rodney Debono – Il-Ħorġa 23

Sub-Category: Food and Beverage
Ray Sciberras – Autumn Honey: Carob & Eucalyptus

Sub-Category: Glass Works and Ceramics
Raymond Aquilina – Memories of the Azure Window

Sub-Category: Precious Metal & Jewellery
Tara Mansell – Sustainable Gold, Diamond, Amethyst and Filigree Contemporary Cocktail Ring

Sub-Category: Modelling, Painting & Sculpting
Inna Bugeja Pace – Through the Rain

Sub-Category: Non-Precious Materials
Iain Giordmaina – Maltese Prickly Pear Cactus Wall Clock