The Awards ceremony for Premju Ġieħ l-Artiġjanat Malti 2021 was held at the Casino Maltese on July 8th, 2022, recognizing excellence in craftsmanship, innovative product ideas, and key contributions to the sector.

The winners and runners-up for this edition are:

Category 1 – Artisanal Products

Sub-Category A – Textiles:
Winner: Gabriella Lukacs – Majestic Malta
Runner-up: Adriana Frank – Beeswax Food Wrap

Sub-Category B – Food and Beverage:
Winner: Joanna Micallef Farrugia – Tettiera Tiżana Collection
Runner-up: Ray Sciberras – Wild Thyme Honey

Sub-Category C – Glass Works and Ceramics:
Winner: Stephanie Borg – NWAR Blue Blossom Ceramic Homeware Collection
Runner-up: Raymond Aquilina – Calm Waters

Sub-Category D – Precious Metals and Jewellery:
Winner: Anthony Bonnici – Par Lampieri tal-Filigranu
Runner-up: Mark Borg – Da Vinci’s Ornithopter

Sub-Category E – Modelling, Painting and Sculpting
Winner: Alessia Galea – NemNem Candle
Runner-up: Carmel Zammit – Dancing Stone

Sub-Category F – Non-Precious Materials:
Winner: Funderija Artistika Chetcuti – Contemporary Traditions: Redesigning the Maltese Door Knob and Door Knocker
Runner-up: John Grech – Rock Fish handcrafted in sheet steel

Category 2 – Inspiring Artisanship and Innovation through Collaboration
Winner: RESORT Collection – Gabriella Lukacs (GABE) and Annamaria Gatt
Runner-up: Small Pieces, Big Picture: Functional Maltese Filigree Puzzle as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) – Kevin Attard, Josephine Cachia, Nathan Camilleri, Daphne Xuereb and Silvia Galova

Category 3 – Recognitions

Award for Endangered Crafts
Christopher Chetcuti, Funderija Artistika Chetcuti

Trainer of the Year
Kevin Attard, Courses on Traditional Maltese Filigree

Volunteer of the Year
Ivan Saliba, Għaqda Armar Salvatur

Award for Emerging Makers: (sponsored by Malta Enterprise)
Tara Lois Mansell – Tara Lois Jewellery

Maker of the Year Award
Kevin Attard

Lifetime Achievement Award
Joseph Chetcuti

People’s Choice Award

Sub-Category: Textiles
Adriana Frank – Beeswax Food Wrap

Sub-Category: Glass Works and Ceramics
Raymond Aquilina – Calm Waters

Sub-Category: Precious Metal & Jewellery
Mark Borg – Da Vinci’s Ornithopter

Sub-Category: Modelling, Painting & Sculpting
Alessia Galea – NemNem Candle

Sub-Category: Non-Precious Materials
Maria Rosaria Azzopardi, Maria Gatt, Hilda Gabarretta u Monica Mula – Naħdmu flimkien f’Armonija