Artisans are – by their very own nature – creative people. While they excel on the artistic side, it is not uncommon for them to get entangled with the business and administrative side of their enterprise.

With this in mind, the Malta Crafts Foundation invited Lynn McCormick, CEO of McCormick Payroll & HR, to deliver the latest session of training for artisans, MCF Learns – Business Basics.

The session aimed at guiding local artisans about the basics of setting up and running a business, with main topics including business registration, VAT and key deadlines, Income Tax and National Insurance, as well as other information that is key to their business.

During the introduction to the session, the artisans were also informed about the Malta Crafts Foundation’s participation in the ‘NEXT – Young NEETs shaping EXpectations for The future of Europe’ project and related initiatives.